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Food & Health Coach

I'm Christie Collins.

So what does that mean?
Long story short...

The latest diploma on my wall says "Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach". More then 1000 hours of study went into that alone combined with extra hours spent watching videos and further readings.


On the other side of things - I have worked in the food and hospitality industry my entire career as well as attending Conestoga College for Food and Beverage Management. From busser, host, food expeditor, server, supervisor, bartender, manager, wine director and office manager - I have done it all!

Take that experience, add in a curiosity towards nutrition and a passion for cooking.

Then add in years of studying and practising, failing and perfecting techniques, testing and re-testing, trials and hurdles to overcome. 

Having no entrepreneur influences in my early life, it took me some time to start envisioning a life where I have the ability to serve people in a different way then in restaurants, a way to help people who want to eat more plants for any reason - health, environmental or ethical reasons.

After a health crisis (see FAQ below), I knew I needed to start building the life I truly wanted. A business that give me flexibility, a creative outlet and the joy of helping people discover new recipes, meal planning and prep techniques.


And if you want the long story, aka details, here they are...
The fancy certificates!
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