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The 'All Inclusive'

One Time Payment

$400 one year subscription
then $22/month

In hospitality terms, 'All Inclusive' is described as, 

"A price including all the charges and all the services offered."

Here, it describes my top-tier program. With one-on-one coaching, customized recipe collections and meal plans that will meet your specific needs and work with your lifestyle.


All of the same access as the 'Cheap and Cheerful' and 'A La Carte' but with full support and customaization!

What is Included?

  • A Meal Garden account which accesses:

    • ​fully customized, curated recipe collections, updated seasonally all tailored to your lifestyle, food allergies, intolerances or preferences.

    • Three months of customized, weekly meal plans with access to meal planning tool after initial 3 months and guidance on its use.

  • Six 45 min coaching phone calls.

    • We can discuss anything you need extra support in - tips on using Meal Garden, specific cooking technics and tools, kitchen organization, food prep schedule etc. ​

  • Helpful cooking tips

    • my efficiency short cuts come up in every recipe and post.​

    • having almost 20 years of working with various chefs, I have learned many short cuts and secrets along the way.

  • Nutritional information pages

    • curated, quality, relevant info to gain knowledge​ on what you eat and how it effects your body.

  • A Facebook group for interacting with fellow food lovers

    • open to discussing all things food, sustainable living, ​equality for all, healthy balance and whatever else catches our eye that day!

Why is this program upfront instead of monthly?
Because of it's fully custom nature, I will be spending time upfront curating your experience. This is to respect my time as well as allow me to limit how many clients have access to this tier each month. This will benefit you also, as you will have more access to me. Please contact me to discuss a payment plan if necessary.

This is more then just a place to go for recipes, it is  a lifestyle support system that is always thinking

a few meals ahead..

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