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Monthly subscription that helps you eat more plants in the most delicious way possible! 

We all want to do our part to move towards more sustainable living.

One thing we can control is how we spend our food dollars.

Going more plant based doesn't have to be a struggle.

It also doesn't have to be all or nothing. 

Gain access to hundreds of proven recipes that will up your kitchen game for more nutritious, delicious meals all week!

To stick to eating in a nourishing way you need access to guaranteed delicious, healthy recipes.

All while saving time + money!


Hi! My name is Christie.

I'm a Food & Health Coach.

Why trust me?

20 Years in Hospitality 
I've spent my whole professional life picking the brains of many amazing chefs while working alongside them, providing customers with next-level service.
Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach
Over 1,000 hours of training with Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition, specializing in Plant Based Nutrition.
Passion for Home Cooking
I've spent 15+ years finding efficient ways to make the tastiest, most nutrient-dense food -- consistently. I've built the habits and can show you how!

So, What Exactly is Included?


Meal Garden account access:

  • ​Curated recipe collections, updated monthly with seasonal ingredients.

  • Sample seasonal weekly meal plan's to get you started.

  • Meal planning tool to create your own customized weekly meal plans.

  • Grocery lists generated that you can access from the phone app for easy and quick shopping.

  • Recipe creation tool to add your own go-to favourites.

Meal Prep and Cooking Tips & Tricks

  • Threaded through all of the recipes and collected in easily accessible PDFs within the Recipe Vault.

Nutritional information

  • Curated, quality, relevant info to gain knowledge​ on what you eat and how it effects your body.

Plant Based Snacks and Meals.png

This subscription is perfect if you consider yourself:


A Flexitarian - You like eating mostly plant based, but still allow some meat & dairy in moderation.  

Plant based curious - You are just starting to think about incorporating more veggies into you weekly meal plans.

Conscious consumer - You want to do something important for the environment, and know changing your eating habits can help. 

A foodie looking for healthy recipes - You love food, and need some inspiration to create amazing dishes at home.

Get access to hundreds of healthy,

tasty recipes right away!


Ways to Subscribe


Subscribe for $12/month, unsubscribe anytime

Try a month for free, unsubscribe anytime

Upfront & Save

Buy 6-month access for $65

Buy one-year access for $120

Here’s what Sarah R has to say about the her experience with the GPC Recipe Vault subscription:

“.... a wide variety of recipes that I was so excited to try. They are easy to follow and always delicious. I found myself trying things I wouldn’t normally eat and wasn’t omitting even the foods I don’t love! Christie had me trying food I don’t like, or thought I didn’t, and it turned out I really enjoy everything I make. She even got me to try cauliflower as a meat replacement and I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks Christie!”

Some of the Recipe Vault members reaping the rewards of the recipe collections!


Need some one-on-one guidance?
Every household is unique and needs slightly different organization and systems in place in order to make preparing consistent, healthy meals a priority. Let's chat to figure out your unique challenges and start to work through them!

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