Plan to Prep

with Christie

Cut down on food waste, time spent in the kitchen & save money.

we start

Sunday May 29th

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What's it all about?

So, you like cooking...but not when you're tired at the end of a day.

You want to eat tasty home cooked meals more often, but you just can't seem to do it consistently

There never seems to be enough time to cook nourishing meals that actually taste good.

The 'what's for dinner?' question stresses you out.

Any of these ring true for you?

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What you'll learn

Meal Plan


How to dynamically plan your food week according to your unique needs and preferences.

No matter your schedule or lifestyle, there is a way to be more organized!

Save money and reduce food waste by locking in your planning superpowers.

Create Habits

Design your routine

Learn how to create habits around meal planning and make them stick!

This is the missing piece in every other meal planning course.

If it's not a habit, you're more likely to put it off and be scrambling later in the week.

Meal Prep

Strategic & Dynamic

How to take one or two days to set yourself up for much more efficient meal times throughout your week.

From grabbing groceries to efficient use of product and time, this will be where all the elements combine to make you shine in the kitchen.

The investment is just


Divide that by the four weeks = $29.75

For the price of 1-2 takeout meals you will be developing habits that save you that much just in the first month.

Get started on your kitchen

organization journey

All the Details

Live 2-hour workshop
Guiding you through the step-by-step process of meal planning for YOUR needs, with plenty of examples and answering questions along the way. 
(through ZOOM -  a recording will be sent out after if you can't make it live)
Full Workbook
A companion to the workshop + extra reference sheets. Something you can come back to weekly as you get into the habit of meal planning.
Accountability Group
Join the Plan to Prep Slack channel for four weeks of extra support, weekly videos and prompts to help solidify the habits and accountability. 
Recipe Vault Access
Get one month free access to my whole collection of recipes that correspond with the different aspects of meal planning and prep.
Course Template - layout with inserts (15).png
Get a sneak peak at part of the workbook! 
(In case you missed the pop-up!)

Get my FREE Meal
Planning Templates

(with guidelines on how to use them!)