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Make your favourite dishes in your own kitchen

An recipe book in collaboration with

The ebook is full of favourite recipes from Public Kitchen & Bar, all of which have been adjusted for you to make at home.  

THREE ways to purchase

Choose your own adventure:


You just want the ebook!

$25 + HST


3mth subscription

Get the ebook PLUS a three month subscription to GPC's Recipe Vault.

$55 + HST


6mth subscription

Get the ebook PLUS a six month subscription to GPC's Recipe Vault.

$85 + HST

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There has never been a more important time to support local restaurants.

It's a win-win situation!

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This husband and wife duo have been in the restaurant industry for a combined 45+ years.


After several years catering and dreaming they finally opened the first rendition of Public Kitchen & Bar's in 2013.


Seven years later, in a much bigger space, the legacy continues. There is just a spark and whole vibe that is Public. If you know, you know.


Each dish in this ebook vividly marks a place and time in the story. Lucky for you, Ryan believes that recipes shouldn't be proprietary and we are happy to share these scaled-for-home versions of some of our favourites from through the years.

So, What is the Recipe Vault?

Access to hundreds of proven recipes that will take your kitchen game to the next level with more nutritious, delicious meals all week. 

All within a web-based app without the ads, pop ups and long stories! 


Hi There! I’m Christie Collins. 

The human behind the GPC Recipe Vault

monthly subscription.


There is a gap in the meal planning space - it's either all vegan/vegetarian or very meat centred.

I want to give people a space where they can access nutritious, veg forward recipes that are actually delicious and time-efficient!

My restaurant background + being a certified holistic nutrition and health coach + my obsession with tasty food = incredible recipes to help in your journey towards a happy healthy lifestyle!

We all want to do our part to move towards more sustainable living.

One thing we can control is how we spend our food dollars.

Going more plant based doesn't have to be a struggle.

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Recipe Vault account access:

  • ​Curated recipe collections, updated monthly with seasonal ingredients.

  • Sample seasonal weekly meal plan's to get you started.

  • Meal planning tool to create your own customized weekly meal plans.

  • Grocery lists generated that you can access from the phone app for easy and quick shopping.

  • Recipe creation tool to add your own go-to favourites.

Meal Prep and Cooking Tips & Tricks

  • Threaded through all my social posts, newsletter and collected in easily accessible PDFs within the Recipe Vault platform.

Nutritional information

  • Curated, quality, relevant info to gain knowledge​ on what you eat and how it effects your body.

Sound familiar? 

Your partner, kids or roommates are not on board.

They think vegetables are tolerable as an afterthought only. 

Don’t know where to start or who to trust for good recipes that are both delicious and healthy? Let's change that together.

 This subscription is perfect if you consider yourself:


A Flexitarian - You like eating plant based, but still allow some meat & dairy in moderation.  

Plant based curious - You are just starting to think about incorporating more veggies into you weekly meal plans.

Conscious consumer - You want to do something important for the environment, and know changing your eating habits can help. 

A foodie looking for healthy recipes - You love food, and need some inspiration to create amazing dishes at home.

Gluten-Free - All recipes are naturally GF or have suggestions for modifying.

Dairy-Free - Most recipes are DF, or have easy modifications or exclusions.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Recipe Vault an App?

The Recipe Vault (hosted on the Meal Garden platform) is a web application, meaning it’s available from all of your devices including desktop, tablet and phone without having to download it from the App Store. This means it won’t take up extra memory on your mobile device, and you won’t need to constantly be updating it like a mobile app. For quick access, you can add the Recipe Vault as an icon on your home screen! Check out the RV Members Area for directions on how to do this:

Why should I pay monthly for recipes?

I get it - there are free recipes EVERYWHERE on the internet! Short answer - To avoid all the pop-ups & ad's on traditional recipe blogs. Long Answer - The internet has gone in the direction of "free" access to things where instead of paying a monthly or yearly fee, we get access in exchange for our data. I like the idea of paying for the things that really matter to us, so we don't have to give large corporations our data in exchange for the use of platforms. In this context it means instead of me having a blog where I share recipes and have to rely on ads that target you and mine your data, I can instead make my living directly from my ideal clients - like you! In exchange for subscribing and paying a small monthly fee, the recipes and categories will always be improving and there will be monthly seasonal updates!

What types of recipes are in the Recipe Vault?

In the recipe collections Christie has curated, the focus is on Plant Based recipes, but there are also some seafood and meaty recipes. There are multiple categories to help you navigate the recipes depending on what you are looking for. There are 1000's of other recipes within the platform that you have access to via the "Cookbook" just by searching. Some of these include meat, dairy, eggs etc. The search function allows you to look for specific dietary preferences like gluten or dairy free or even specific foods like "no peanuts".

Are the Public recipes right in the Recipe Vault?

Yes. If you choose the 3 month or 6 month package, you will be sent the downloadable ebook as well as gain access to the Recipe Vault, which will have the whole collection of Public's recipes.

This is more then just a place to go for recipes, it is a lifestyle support system that is always thinking

a few meals ahead..