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Beginner's Guide

Get started by checking out the curated recipe collections. Going through these, you can add recipes to your personal cookbook. This makes them more accessible in the 'Schedule' section (the meal planning tool), and on the Recipe Vault web based app.

Video #1 - Start Here


Recipe Vault 

Members Area

To have access to the Recipe Vault via Meal Garden, you can add the website to your home screen. See the video below for a step by step how-to.


If you want to be able to quickly reference any of the recipes, meal plans or your grocery list from your phone, the app is the easiest way to do it. 

Have fun exploring all the delicious recipes and remember - you will get as much out of this as you put into it!

Video #2 - Cookbook Search

Note: When you go to the 'Cookbook' and do a search, you have access to thousands of recipes that are not in the Recipe Vault curated by Christie. Use them as you like, just know that while they are likely delicious, they are not tested by the team.

Need some one-on-one guidance?

Every household is unique and needs slightly different organization and systems in place in order to make preparing consistent, healthy meals a priority. Let's chat to figure out your unique challenges and start to work through them!

Video #3 - Schedule

This video shows you the basics of the Scheduling aspect of the Recipe Vault. The beginning of Meal Planning all in one space if that's what you want to do!

(More coming soon!)
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