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Monthly Subscription

What if you could have proven

delicious + nutritious recipes all in one ad-free space?

We all want to do our part to move towards more sustainable living.

One thing we can control is how we spend our food dollars.

Going more plant based doesn't have to be a struggle.

Here’s the problem... You google something like: vegetarian recipes or healthy recipes... It can be so overwhelming, you search for the highest ratings with most reviews.. pick something and don’t know if it will actually taste good.


And once you are on a recipe blog… the story.. the ad’s.. the pop up videos - all you want is the recipe!

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So you give up and make your go-to meals, or don’t plan at all and order take out!


 To stick to eating healthier you need access to guaranteed delicious, healthy recipes.

Without all the uncertainty and preamble!

Can you imagine?

Imagine having an app or website that has amazing, healthy recipes without the ads and pop ups! Without the long story!

Sound familiar? 

Your partner, kids or roommates are not on board.

They think vegetables are tolerable as an afterthought only. 

Don’t know where to start or who to trust for good recipes that are both delicious and healthy? Let's change that together.

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Common Myths

  • You have to stop enjoying food to eat healthier. 

  • You have to spend a lot of money on “health” foods. 

  • You have to go on a diet program or app to control what you eat. 

  • Healthy food is time consuming to plan and make.


It doesn’t have to be like that. 

What if you could: 

Have a personal online cookbook of trusted recipes you already love, or want to try, to plan your busy week. 

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Easily plan your meals for the week and get a shopping list so that you have everything on hand.

One grocery shop to save time during your week!

If you want an easier way to get more veggies into your week I have the perfect solution.

The GPC Recipe Vault subscription!

Access to hundreds of proven recipes that will up your kitchen game for more nutritious, delicious meals all week!

Here’s what Sarah R has to say about the her experience with the GPC Recipe Vault subscription:

“.... a wide variety of recipes that I was so excited to try. They are easy to follow and always delicious. I found myself trying things I wouldn’t normally eat and wasn’t omitting even the foods I don’t love! Christie had me trying food I don’t like, or thought I didn’t, and it turned out I really enjoyed everything I made. She even got me to try cauliflower as a meat replacement and I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks Christie!”

Some of the Recipe Vault members reaping the rewards of the recipe collections!


So, What Exactly is Included?


Meal Garden account access:

  • ​Curated recipe collections, updated monthly with seasonal ingredients.

  • Sample seasonal weekly meal plan's to get you started.

  • Meal planning tool to create your own customized weekly meal plans.

  • Grocery lists generated that you can access from the phone app for easy and quick shopping.

  • Recipe creation tool to add your own go-to favourites.

Meal Prep and Cooking Tips & Tricks

  • Threaded through all my social posts, newsletter and collected in easily accessible PDFs within the Meal Garden platform.

Nutritional information

  • Curated, quality, relevant info to gain knowledge​ on what you eat and how it effects your body.


Get all of your questions answered and connect with our supportive private Facebook community

Course Template - layout with

Hi There! I’m Christie Collins. 

The human behind the GPC Recipe Vault

monthly subscription.


There is a gap in the meal planning space - it's either all vegan/vegetarian or very meat centred.

I want to give people a space where they can access nutritious recipes that are actually delicious!

My restaurant background + being a certified holistic nutrition and health coach + my obsession with tasty food = incredible recipes to help in your journey towards a happy healthy lifestyle!

This is more then just a place to go for recipes, it is a lifestyle support system that is always thinking

a few meals ahead..

Still not convinced? 

This subscription is perfect if you consider yourself:


A Flexitarian - You like eating mostly plant based, but still allow some meat & dairy in moderation.  

Plant based curious - You are just starting to think about incorporating more veggies into you weekly meal plans.

Conscious consumer - You want to do something important for the environment, and know changing your eating habits can help. 

A foodie looking for healthy recipes - You love food, and need some inspiration to create amazing dishes at home.

Need some one-on-one guidance?
Every household is unique and needs slightly different organization and systems in place in order to make preparing consistent, healthy meals a priority. Let's chat to figure out your unique challenges and start to work through them!

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