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Whether you are looking for 1:1 coaching, a healthy recipe database or a mini breakthrough session, there is something just for you. Take a look to see what aligns with your current support needs and where you are in your food journey.

The Recipe Vault

Monthly subscription that helps you eat more plants in the most delicious way possible! Complete with meal planning tool and informational articles

1:1 Private Coaching

Ready to dive into fully embodying a change in your food habits? Personal meal planning & meal prep coaching combined with full mindset & nutrition support.

You Need a Meal Plan

This package is designed to take you to the next level after watching Time to Plan or give you a solid foundation to start your meal planning habit.

Time to Plan

Watch this (under 30 minute) meal planning workshop if you're ready to learn to intentionally meal plan for more nutritious food, consistently. 



Food & Health Coach

I'm Christie Collins.

So what does that mean?
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