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Online Private Coaching

Hello lovely human, 
I'm so excited that you've landed here. Likely, you are wanting to make some foundational shifts in your food habits, to be more consistent with your goals.

Cooking is key if you want to simplify your spending, create and maintain healthy habits.

Let's build your skills and recipe collection. 


Hi! My name is Christie.

I'm a Food Coach. So, how can I help?
There is more to life than the ups and downs of strict diets and 'cheat meals'. You can cook, meal plan and prep in a way that supports your health goals AND delights your tastebuds. All while saving time and money while supporting your local economy. Let me show you how.
 Let my years of research & experience help take your kitchen game to the next level in an eco-conscious, nutritious way.

What to Expect

in our 6 weeks together

One-on-One Video Coaching

An opening 90-min call 

  • Going through the workbook to assess and establish goals, answer any questions and assigning of some "homework".

  • Short tutorial on the Recipe Vault and how to use it best for you.

4 x 60-minute calls - 1 per week 

  • We’ll find a day/time that works for both of us and schedule it the same time each week.

  • We can use this time to make a full meal and prep plan for the week as well as answer any questions you may have.

Full Workbook
A companion to our coaching session with core values and extra reference sheets. Something you can come back to weekly as you get into the habit of meal planning.
Recipe Vault Access
Access to the base level of the Recipe Vault plus a customized recipe collection filled with recipes you send for me to add so your favourites are there too. This platform has a meal planning tool and opportunity to add more collections that appeal to you.

Christie takes the guilt and overwhelm out of meal planning, and her coaching is personalized based on what works for you and your lifestyle.

She started out asking questions about my regular week schedule, how I wanted to feel, and what food habits I wanted to build. We broke it down into steps to make meal planning for the week less intimidating. 


Instead of dreading Sunday night meal prep, I now actually get excited about planning out my meals for the week. Months after the coaching program with Christie, I'm still in a good routine of weekly meal planning because she helped set me up with a sustainable system that works for me. Christie is an incredibly creative, motivating coach who will be your biggest food cheerleader! No judgement, all support.

Erica Howes, Community Manager at Catalyst Commons

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