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If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re not alone! 

Meet Amanda, a private meal prep client. 

More Info

Meal Prep, Just For You

Take the stress out of meal planning, prep and cooking during your busy workweek. 

You’re in the right place if…

  • You would love to start your week feeling prepared and excited about your meals, instead of stressed and guilty.

  • You feel exhausted from cooking every meal, every day for your family. 

  • You want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start. 

  • You have dietary restrictions and are struggling with what to cook. 

  • You want to save money on food and order less takeout.

How Amanda rediscovered her joy of cooking and got her time back

“I felt so much fatigue when it came to meal prep. You plan out the week, grocery shop, and then think you’ll do the rest later. I’d come home at the end of the day and we’re all hungry and it felt heavy with the constant question of what’s for dinner? Cooking every meal for my household seven days a week, I was just exhausted,” said Amanda.


Amanda and her family care about eating healthy, quality food. They lead a healthy, active lifestyle, her husband is on the keto diet and their family mainly eats dairy-free and gluten-free meals.


But that takes a lot of time and energy to cook every week when you have a full busy life.

“I can’t tell you how great it feels when we come home in the evening and dinner is already ready to go. Working with Christie has reduced my stress for sure. It’s given me my joy of cooking back. Now that I’m making three dinners instead of seven, I’m totally re-energized about it,” said Amanda.

“It’s become a non-negotiable for us now to work with Christie. It’s an investment in our health.”

How it works

Let’s break down the three main steps of weekly meal prep: 

  1. Plan 

  2. Grocery shop 

  3. Cook and prep 

You take the parts that you enjoy and have the time and energy for, and I create a package that works for you. For the prep, I come to your kitchen, adding efficiency and lowering waste.

1. Choose Your Own Adventure
You plan, you shop, I prep

  • Pick your recipes, we confirm together 

  • You grocery shop

  • Book time blocks where I come to your kitchen to cook and prep. 

This is for: Someone like Amanda. You enjoy the planning process and grocery shopping. You’re stuck on finding the time and energy to make meals throughout the week.


2. The All Inclusive

We plan, I shop, I prep

  • I'll suggest recipes, we confirm together. 

  • Send your grocery list and I’m on it. 

  • Book time blocks where I come to your kitchen to cook and prep. 

This is for: Someone who doesn’t have time to grocery shop or prep. It feels like a weight off your shoulders to not need to grocery shop during the week and come home to meals ready to go. 


Pricing: $50/hour for a minimum of three hours. 

Book weekly or bi-weekly time blocks where I’ll come into your kitchen to prep, cook, and clean up. In a three-hour block, here’s an example of what you’ll have in your fridge: 

  • One family style dinner, 4 lunches (all the same), 2 snacks - eg. muffins & veggies with dip OR

  • 12 meal portions, three different recipes. Could be 4x breaky (eg. overnight oats), 4x lunch (eg. protein/rice/veg) 4x dinner (eg. veggie chilli)

*heavily dependant on the complexity of recipes chosen 

First up: Intake session

I’ll come to your kitchen to see the space and get to know you better. I’ll ask about your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.


The meal planning process of choosing recipes can be as collaborative as you want! We’ll chat it all through at this first intake session to create a custom package that works best for you. 

What to Expect

From me

  • My specialties are accommodating dietary restrictions for you and your family like plant-based, dairy-free or gluten-free meals. 

  • I’ll use your kitchen equipment, containers and cooking vessels and I’ll bring my own specialty equipment if needed. 


  • Efficiency and commitment to reduce waste. I love to create healthy, efficient, sustainable food habits.

  • Subscription to the Recipe Vault.

  • No judgement on your food or diet choices. I’m all about adding fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds into clients' weekly meals, not shaming them into giving up things they love - that’s unsustainable.

From You

  • You pick your recipes 3 days in advance of meal prep day, OR I send you my picks to approve. 

  • Your commitment to going through an onboarding to get to know you, your kitchen, and your health and dietary needs.

Ready to invest in your health and explore private meal prep options?

Let’s connect! 

If you're thinking this sounds great - but you want to do the meal prep yourself, you just don't know where to start or how to create the habit, you should check out my online meal prep coaching package!

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