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Resources, services, and coaching on all things meal planning and prep related. Specializing in keeping it nutritious and delicious!


Hi! I’m Christie. 

The human behind Grow Prep Create.

Welcome to a space where hospitality expertise meets holistic nutrition passion! As a lifelong hospitality professional turned certified holistic nutrition and health coach, I'm here to guide you on a delicious journey towards balance and wellness.

Why here? Because I believe that efficient kitchen practices lead to more time for life's joys. That's why I'm dedicated to providing you with incredible recipes and resources to streamline your meal planning and prep routine.

What can you expect? Nutritious recipes that are genuinely delicious, meal planning hacks for busy lifestyles, and inspiration to make cooking a pleasure, not a chore.

Ready to transform your kitchen habits and nourish your body and soul? Let's dive in together!

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Where do you need empowerment?


Discovering Flavourful, Nutritious Recipes

Explore tasty recipes for every occasion.


Someone to Prep for me! *Waterloo Region Only*

Take back your time with our meal prep services. 


Upgrading your meal planning & prep

Unlock the secrets to stress-free meal planning and efficient prep.

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